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I’m Nora Minichino

I’m Nora, 15-year PR veteran, pun enthusiast, and lover of all things leopard print. I started Farrell PR in January 2020 – I know, great timing – because I saw a need to help small businesses manage their marketing efforts efficiently and affordably. With COVID in full swing, small businesses needed more help than ever, so I put my years of public relations experience to work helping people find ways to promote their business in this new digital world – so seriously, it was great timing!

But my love for small businesses started wayyyy before 2020. Growing up I watched my parents build their business, Farrell Transportation, from the ground – literally, their first office was in the basement of our house in New Jersey – into an extremely profitable mid-size enterprise by the time I graduated college. I was always inspired by the work my parents put into building Farrell Transportation and I understand the pride that comes with a flourishing, reputable business.

In my own career, I have spent years working with clients in the hotel, destination, cruise, food, and beauty industries, promoting their brands and achieving profit goals through social media, digital marketing, and community and media relations. I have managed the PR efforts for over 100 hotels, launched international cruise ships, hosted media at wineries in California, educated chefs on the importance of using quality beef in their restaurants, and promoted products for the largest luxury hair care brand in the world. But over the years I have found that the most rewarding work I have done is with small businesses and entrepreneurs.

I’m here for you

I believe every business owner should have the knowledge, resources, and support to market their business successfully and affordably - and so Farrell PR was created to offer you just that!

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