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Are you ready to launch a podcast? Here’s where to get started!

November 11, 2021
Nora Minichino
Are you ready to launch a podcast? Here’s where to get started!

Podcasts are all the rage – and this new way of creating and consuming content has taken hold across all industries. At the end of Q2 2021, Spotify had 2.6 MILLION podcasts on its platform, with more than 5 in 10 Americans noting they have listened to a podcast themselves. 

The format’s rise in popularity clearly coincides with a general increase in digital media consumption, specifically on mobile devices. It has also been helped along by the fact that the selection of quality podcasts is virtually limitless these days – across politics, sports, hospitality, pop culture, and endless other categories. And the best part is, once the content is published, it will be available for your followers and audiences forever! 

That being said, there is some competition, so it’s important to consider a few things before you decide to launch your own podcast. 

What type of experience are you trying to create for your audience? 

Podcasts offer a variety of options – some can be mini-episodes as short as 5-10 minutes, with others an hour or more. Sit down and think about the kinds of topics your audience is most interested in and the format that best delivers this message. 

This also sets up the release strategy for your podcast. Releasing the entire season in one swoop creates a binge-worthy experience, while breaking up more rich content into weekly deliverables brings listeners back for more. 

What are your marketing goals and promotional bandwidth? 

If your bandwidth is more limited to promote the show, you may be better off making a big splash out of the gate with the ability to promote the episodes as you go. If you want to prioritize building a community through engagement and repeat exposure over time, make sure you have the resources to keep up with a rolling promotion schedule and social media engagement. 

On the other hand, if you have other marketing projects on your calendar, you might benefit from holding off on the launch or organizing around one big launch to keep your efforts on track.  

Is your show idea relevant RIGHT NOW? 

If your season feels powerfully tied to the current moment and your audience might not be as captivated by the topics you cover in a few weeks or months, it sounds like you should strike now. 

If your show incorporates elements of day-to-day current events or newsworthiness, or offers commentary on breaking news, releasing episodes as you go means you can stay timely to what’s going on. 

Ready to roll! 

Once you’ve weighed out these questions, you’re ready to develop the format and content calendar for your podcast. In terms of format, do you need to hire a company to produce an introduction, or are you planning to record this yourself? Do you have the necessary equipment and licenses to record and post the content? 

Moving into a content calendar, be sure to include: 

  • The topics you plan to cover 
  • Production timelines & launch dates 
  • Special guests or sponsors 
  • The general flow of the episode 
  • Any promotion needed (social media, email promos, etc.) 

Launching a podcast is no small feat, so once you’ve put in the legwork to get this off the ground, make sure you keep up with your content to keep your current audience engaged and to reach new markets.

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