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Hey Busy Hotelier

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Social Media Marketing Certification

Created for hoteliers who are short on time and budget, but know that social media marketing is necessary in today’s digital world, this certification will simplify social media and educate you on how to turn browsing into bookings.


“Nora’s course was outstanding. Nothing compares to being taught by someone who is passionate about their work as opposed to someone who is just reading off a screen. Her interaction and personality basically come out of the screen even through a recording.”

Claudia C. from Holiday Inn Express

I get it. You’re probably thinking:

But just stay with me for a second…

What if you could learn the fundamentals of social media marketing through short lessons that can be consumed in the nooks and crannies of your day?

What if after you complete this fluff-free, to-the-point certification, you have all the tools to start building a social strategy that exposes your property to hundreds of people daily?

What if by getting your hotel in front of your ideal customer online, you open up opportunities to build revenue and increase bookings?

That’s the power of using social media marketing in the hospitality industry and this certification shows you how to do it quickly and easily.

In this modern digital age, having a social media presence for your hotel is a necessity.

Through this certification you will…


Through this certification you will…

Learn how social media is an essential (and free!) tool that can be used to accomplish your hotel’s marketing goals

Develop a social content strategy to efficiently and consistently post engaging information that speaks to your ideal guest and drives traffic to your website

Understand how to easily create visuals that are appealing to your audience

Learn how to use your resources to promote your hotel and develop partnerships that will gain exposure while growing your following

Hello! I’m Nora

I’m Nora Minichino, Founder and President of Farrell PR, and I will be your hospitality host throughout this course. I have spent over 15 years in the hospitality industry working for major brands, national travel and tourism PR agencies, and hotel management companies, focusing on PR and social media efforts. Throughout my career I have overseen the social media efforts for over 100 hotels ranging from small select service properties to large national resorts. I have launched hotel social media pages from scratch and helped them grow to thousands of followers, as well as taken over struggling accounts from previous managers to turn them into social pages that create a buzz and build revenue.

After nearly 10 years as the Director of Corporate Communications for a hotel management company, I began to see a pattern in the types of questions I received and the support that was needed when it came to social media. (“What should I be posting on social?” or “How do I get access to my Facebook page?”)

As the world began to depend more and more on digital marketing, I saw hoteliers with little-to-no social media experience or understanding begin to struggle more and more. Challenging times also brought significant budget cuts so hotels who were once able to hire agencies to handle social media, no longer could afford it. The need for a basic education on how social media can help hotels specifically, especially regarding what content to post and how to post it, became very apparent which is why I created this course.

I have been supporting hotel operations and sales teams for year so I know I can help you see the same success they have.

Gone are the days where posting arbitrarily will get you the ROI you seek.

In today’s world you need to identify goals, understand metrics to measure those goals, and craft a message that resonates with your ideal guest. This certification offers material presented in short, easily consumable segments to support the busy hotelier. Upon completion you will have all the knowledge you need to start building and maintaining your hotel’s social media presence like a pro, while saving time and money.


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Your guests are using social media

–– it’s time to convert their browsing into bookings.

This course will show you how.

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