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Happy Birthday, Farrell PR: Lesson Learned From Growing a Business During a Pandemic

Happy Birthday, Farrell PR: Lesson Learned From Growing a Business During a Pandemic

When people ask me when I started my business I always chuckle to myself.  I was a naive, excited, entrepreneur-newbie January 1, 2020, the day Farrell PR opened for business…ya know, two months before the world came to a screeching halt.  I can remember the feelings of excitement, nervousness, and hopefulness that filled those first months in business.  And remembering the feelings of nervousness, frustration and fear as our reality flipped on its head still stings a bit, even today. So yeah, I guess you could say I had great timing when it came to starting this business!  

But Farrell PR officially celebrated its second anniversary this month and I felt the need to commemorate that because in many ways it feels like we are just finding our footing and getting a fair shot at thriving. In reflecting on my goals for this year and the evolution of where we started to where we are now, I wanted to share a few lessons I’ve learned over the last 24 months in hopes of inspiring someone else to keep going, even if it seems like the world is ending.  

  1. Never stop learning – There are endless resources out there for us to use to learn new skills and ways to improve our lives. As entrepreneurs, we are no longer in silos trying to figure it out as we go – instead, we can learn from the mistakes of our predecessors to avoid making the same ones they did. Podcasts, online courses, paid courses, documentaries, books, and the list goes on. Learning new things opens doors and helps you to relate to different people which can help your business grow.

  2. Multiple streams of income are necessary – If Covid taught me anything, it is that having multiple streams of income helps tremendously in difficult times. And most importantly, one of those sources should be an online based business. Let’s face it – the world has gone virtual and it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon. In many cases you have a far greater reach online than you would in just your immediate town/region/ state, which can lead to a profitable revenue stream when people can’t (or won’t) physically leave their house.

  3. Stay committed to your decisions but stay flexible with your approach – Things are not always going to go your way, but if you have made the decision to go after something, let go of how things “should” go. Instead, let opportunity lead the way. Most often, we don’t get the exact settings we prepared for (*cough* Covid *cough*) but that doesn’t mean the goal or the outcome can’t be achieved (such as starting a successful business). Things may not happen as you thought they were going to, but if you’re willing to adapt and be flexible, you can still move your business goals forward.

  4. Abundance mindset always wins – One of the BIGGEST takeaways for me this year was that mindset can get you through some of the darkest days. As soon as you give in to a negative outlook in one area of life, it seems you can always find the negative in any situation – including business. Instead, keep your mind open to embracing new opportunities and finding the positive. Always remember that there is plenty out there for everyone. There are endless opportunities, resources, relationships, and wealth available to you if you choose to look for them. Embracing change is an integral part of life that can lead to different, more positive or abundant outcomes depending on how you view the situation.

  5. Lead with service, success will follow – Treating clients’ businesses like an extension of my own is a high priority for me. By setting reasonable expectations with my clients, then exceeding them with outstanding service, I have been able to retain clients for a longer period of time while also creating relationships with other business owners, media, or influencers that are invaluable to the success of my own business.  By being invested in the success of those I work for, I have seen great success on my own.

Did you also start a business during the pandemic? I’d love to know what lessons you learned and connect as a fellow entrepreneur! Shoot me a message at nora@farrellpublicrelations.com – my inbox is always open.

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