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Understanding Social Media – by the Numbers

August 8, 2021
Understanding Social Media – by the Numbers

So you’ve decided your brand needs to be on social media, but where do you start? And how do you decide which channels are the best fit for your brand?

As with so many other factors in marketing, look at the data!

Not sure how to do this?  Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.  I’ve broken down key metrics for each social media platform according to Sprout Social’s latest demographic reports. Keep in mind, in order to spend your time (and any paid social budget) wisely, you should build your target personas and track the platforms they are on, while making sure you’re up to date on the latest research and social media statistics.


  • 2.7 billion monthly active users
  • 25-34 year olds represent the largest age group
  • 44% female, 56% male breakdown
  • 38 minutes spent on the platform per day on average

While Facebook may be a contentious platform due to the data it collects on its users, it is still the most popular social media platform. From creating friends to building communities, Facebook is rooted in connection – which is definitely needed after the last year of isolation we’ve all been through.

Members of the Baby Boomer generation have also flocked to the platform, making it a prime platform to run ads, particularly among older demographics. On the flip side, if you’re trying to reach Gen Z, you may want to move on… 


  • 1 billion monthly active users
  • 25-34 year olds represent 33% of users on the platform
  • 57% female, 43% male breakdown
  • 29 minutes spent on the platform per day

Instagram has grown steadily in recent years, and it is now the largest social media network after Facebook. The two platforms also share the same ad network, making Instagram a valuable choice for your ad dollars.

As Reels take off, the platform offers valuable competition to TikTok in reaching younger audiences, with influencers and targeted ads driving shopping behaviors. If you have visual content available, this is definitely a good platform for you to be on with a broad swath of audiences active on the platform.


  • 738 million total users
  • 46-55 year olds represent the largest group of users
  • 51% male, 49% female users
  • 63% of LinkedIn users access the network monthly

While LinkedIn has traditionally catered to an older, professional audience, changes to the platform are making it more friendly for creators and younger generations. Millennials make up about one-fourth of the platform. New creator profiles also allow individual users to showcase their thought leadership content.

Brands are a bit more limited in what can be done from company pages, making this an ideal channel to build thought leadership platforms for key executives. If you’re a B2B brand, LinkedIn also offers a number of targeting options for ads to reach professionals at specific roles or companies, offering a pipeline of targeted and motivated audiences for new campaigns.


  • 187 million daily active users
  • 30-49 year olds represent the largest group of users
  • 32% female, 68% male
  • 3.53 minutes spent on the platform per session

What was once 140 characters of relative silliness and comedy has evolved into 280 characters of professional engagement. In fact, 42% of Twitter users are degree-holders compared to 31% of Americans. The shorter interactions and content make it an ideal place for users to gather quick news or conduct customer service.

If you have a DTC brand, make sure you have support set up through Twitter as it’s often where your customers will go to look for quick support or answers. Advertising is still tricky on the platform, however, so it may not be the best channel for reaching new audiences.


  • 100 million monthly active users
  • 18-24 year olds are the top users
  • 59% female, 41% male
  • More than 45 minutes spent on the platform per day

Ahhh yes the newbie to the group. While only a few years old, TikTok has rapidly risen through the ranks, captivating audiences of all ages. From dancing to DIY, the platform has something for everyone and could be incredible for your brand’s visibility – if you can tap into rapidly changing trends.

That’s all for now, but if you have specific questions, reply to this email.  I am always here to help!

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