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We Get It

In today’s world, business owners and entrepreneurs are busier than ever wearing all the hats - product/service development, accounting, legal, operations, marketing and sales…we understand, It’s no easy task! And if you are running in a million directions, you most likely don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to learn how to navigate the ever-changing trends of public relations and social media in a very digital world.


That’s Where We Come In

Nora Minichino, founder of Farrell PR, has over 15 years of experience in public relations and social media. The Farrell PR team knows a thing or two (or 100) about crafting your messaging to reach your dream clients or customers, the media outlets that align best with your brand, and how to leverage your social media for maximum brand recognition. We have helped numerous clients build the company awareness and reputation they needed … and we would love to do the same for you!

Your Wins Are Our Wins.

Consider us your Chief Public Relations Officer, assimilating into your business quickly and effortlessly, crafting your business' unique story, then strategically sharing it with your ideal client through the media outlets they frequently visit and your social media platforms. Our ultimate goal is to take the burden of publicity off your shoulders to help you grow your brand recognition, so you can continue to stay in your zone of genius. Your success is our success, and we really like to be successful, so let’s build the business of your dreams - together.

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Build Your Biz Buzz?

Do It Yourself
Do It Yourself

Get access to tools that will show you how to manage things like PR, Marketing, and Social media to help you grow at your own pace!

Do It Together
Do It Together

Some parts of your digital strategy are working well, but you could use help with others - great! We can help!

Done For You
Done For You

Hey, you're busy, we get it! You don't have the time or energy to manage marketing efforts. Don't worry, we can handle it!

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